5 Great Ways to Take Action And Stay Motivated

Can you remember the day you sat down and wrote your goals; be it this year’s goals, or last quarter’s objectives? It could be your professional or personal goals. Do you remember that time?

How are you doing? Have you achieved any? Were you an action-taker?

I bet you were excited about having achieved the ones you did.

Now, what about those that you didn’t achieve, whether it’s because you didn’t even start, or perhaps you stopped midway? What’s become of them?

Some goals are not easy to achieve, and some may not be achieved as quickly as you originally intended. That’s fine. The important thing to remember is that if your goal excites you, then it’s worth striving for, it’s worth persevering after.

We all get days here and there where we are just not motivated to take action in the direction of our goals. We’re human. However, when you get into such states there are ways around it so you may regain that motivated feeling.

Here are 5 ways you can be in that motivated action-taker mood:

  1. Make your goal realistic

It is important to make sure that you are capable of achieving the goal that you set. You don’t necessarily need to know exactly how you’re going to achieve it, just know that it is achievable.

Aim high, yet at the same time make it realistic at the beginning. As you achieve your realistic goals you may make the other goals bigger and bigger, even to the point of not quite being realistic, and that’s the fun part, that’s the growing part. It’s where you think big and grow exponentially.

At first, make your first few goals realistic and then gradually build on the smaller success goals and make your subsequent goals bigger.

  1. Are you passionate about any of your goals?

Once you have set your goals, you should work towards them every day. And the beauty of this is that if you feel passionate about any of your goals you will work at it day in and day out. That’s what passion is.

And it actually gets even better. If you are passionate about one particular goal more than the others, when you work on the passionate goal, work will not seem to work. It will be a complete joy.

The more passionate you are the more effortless it will be for you to pursue that goal.

  1. See yourself as a successful action-oriented person

Imagination is everything. It is probably the most powerful tool you can access to become and remain a person of action. And the quicker you accept this, the quicker will you see the results you seek.

You sit back, relax and see yourself in your mind’s eye as having achieved your goal; the one you are passionate about, or the one you are currently working on. The key is to involve all your senses; see, feel, taste, and smell the successful outcome you are seeking.

It is imperative that you engage your emotions; become totally engrossed in your life now that you achieved what you were once after. Feel how different your life has become. Absorb yourself in it. Do this daily for at least 30 days, every day, without missing a day, and you will experience great results.

  1. Keep a keen eye on the successes you have accomplished

This is another extremely powerful way to take action and remain motivated to take action every single day. At the end of your workday, or bedtime, take the time to review your day, to acknowledge your successes.

Sit back in your chair, get comfortable and spend the next 5 minutes or more, going over your day. As you identify or remember your successes, say, “I was successful when I made those 10 cold calls” or “I was successful when I made a great presentation to my regional managers” or how about “I was successful when I finished all my work at the office and did not have to bring home with me any work this weekend.”

Get the idea.

  1. Celebrate your successes

Take step 4 to another even more powerful level by celebrating your successes. Celebrate the small successes as emotionally as the big ones. Success breeds more success. As you celebrate your successes, one by one, you will find yourself wanting more reasons to celebrate, and this will become your driving force to take action consistently to achieve more.

Achieve more, celebrate more, achieve much more.

I would like to leave you with these thoughts:

The non-action-oriented person thinks: “I have to finish this…”

The action-oriented person thinks: “When can I get started on…?”

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