2 Tips to Elevate Your Self-Confidence

“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent”. Eleanor Roosevelt

Quite a lot of confident and dynamic people that you hear about in the media or magazines and books have long learned to feel courageous and confident.

In fact, most of them weren’t necessarily born with self-confidence being one of their great qualities.

More than likely, a number of them had to learn how to feel and act with self-confidence.

While they were practicing to master their self-confidence, they focused solely on becoming just that; confident.

They purposefully paid no attention to the unbecoming comments of others.

They did not consent to others’ comments or remarks. They did not allow them to take control of how they are to feel.

These confident people did not show signs of willingness for others to make them feel less of themselves.

They felt in control, and they closed out any unhelpful commentaries.

Now, in much the same way that they have managed to do it, you, too, can develop and build on your self-confidence.

You also should make it a point to avoid any unsavory comments while working on your self-confidence.

Keep away from certain destructive gatherings, pass up chit-chats about putting other people down, and dodge any other situations and events that you feel have a tendency of making you feel underconfident — even the slightest bit.

Even though nobody can make you feel inferior unless you allow them to, you can make it easier on yourself by avoiding certain crowds and hanging around with those who are optimistic and encouraging.

As you progress in your learning to gain more self-confidence, here are 2 tips that you can take with you wherever you go:

1. Learn from people: listen to what confident people have to say and learn from them. You will find that there is something that you can gain knowledge of, something that you will realize or discover. Even if it’s one thing, that one thing is worth it.

2. A step further to the above tip is for you to intentionally study the people that you admire, that you respect, and who you enjoy being like.

Pick one person and make a list of all the characteristics that you love about that person and all the attributes you don’t like.

By writing those that you do want as well as those that you do not want, your unconscious mind will learn to focus on attaining the characteristic traits that you do want and stay clear of those that you do not want.

As often as possible, sit back and close your eyes, see that person, your role model in front of you sharing with you the qualities that you want.

Allow yourself to be open to receiving them.

Take in all that you want; all his self-confidence, his courage, his knowledge and skills, and more.

Spend a few minutes soaking in all the attributes that you want and allow the qualities to integrate within you.

Once done, say thank you to that person, open your eyes and continue with your day. Feel the difference!

Learn from the confident people, allow yourself to openly receive the characteristics of the person you admire and respect, and do not allow the under-confident people to make you feel inferior in any way.

Enjoy the benefits.