How to Have  a Success Mindset

Be honest, are you one of those people who crave success, but getting either nowhere or making very little headway?

Why do you suppose that is? Your success is slowed down tremendously because you do not have a success mindset.

When you believe in yourself, when you have the self-confidence to take daily action, you will have the key ingredients to possess a success mindset. This success mindset strengthens your determination, your commitment, and persistence to achieve your aspirations and ambitions in life.

If you don’t have the success mindset, when you are faced with a challenge or a problem, even if it’s a small one, you will shy away from it, set it aside for another day, or, worst of all, totally give on what you were pursuing.

By believing in yourself and in your capabilities as well as having a success mindset, you will overcome any challenges and setbacks, and progress forward from any failures – I believe failures are successes in disguise – so long as you make it a genuine point to learn from your failures.

In order for you to succeed in any area in your life, you have to have that belief that you are a success; that you are successful now. Any blocks, or limiting beliefs, the “Oh yeah sure, but…” need to be dealt with; they need to be weakened and eliminated, and then, in their place, you programme enhancing, empowering beliefs, those that are in line with your desires, aspirations or objectives.

Now, how can you do that?

One powerful method that many use, including myself, is to get yourself a spiral journal. Divide one page of that journal into two columns. In one column jot down what your associations with, say money are. For example: money is hard to get, money is not important to me, money is only for the rich, and so on.

In the other column, write down the opposite of each of those limiting beliefs. Turn them into empowering beliefs. Using the beliefs above: money comes to me easily and effortlessly, money is important to me, there is plenty of money for everyone including me, and so on.

Set the empowering beliefs as affirmations that you can say out loud (where possible, and in front of a mirror). Select 2 or 3 affirmations at a time and repeat them as often as you can: upon awakening (while shaving, brushing your teeth, blow drying your hair, in the shower, driving to work), and just before bedtime or as you lay in bed; let the final thoughts as you drift off to sleep be your powerful, self-enhancing affirmations.

In due course, you will have weeded out the limiting beliefs you had around money, and will have instilled your empowering ones.

You have started your journey to having a success mindset.

Now, some people will see results instantaneously, whilst others may after a few weeks or months. Affirmations do work, so you will have to be patient with them. How quickly the change occurs, from having a limited success mindset to having a full-blown success mindset depends entirely on how deep your sabotaging, negative limiting beliefs are within your unconscious mind.

It will happen! You will need to exercise some patience though. Some of my money-limiting beliefs were cancelled from my unconscious mind within 60 days, others within 90. Whilst some are still lingering on.

I am happy, though, because I know it’s working.

Do it, keep it up, and be patient. You will be rewarded soon enough.