How to Achieve More of What You Desire

Are you living your life by instinct alone or are you in charge of how it pans out?

If you are not living your life in the way that you want, why not? In other words, who or what is controlling most of you?

You may think that you are completely in control of your daily actions and behaviour, yet it may surprise you to learn that you are not consciously in charge of your day-to-day actions.

You may believe that you are the director of your life, but in reality, you’re not.

You are living on automatic.

Your subconscious mind is in charge of your actions, habits, and behaviour.

This then begs the question: since you’re being directed by your own subconscious mind, why are you not living the life that you want?

Why isn’t it allowing you to live the life of your dreams; after all, it is your subconscious mind, it belongs to no one else.

Although it belongs to you, whether your subconscious is harmful or helpful to you, however, depends on its programming.

Unfortunately, for most of us, our subconscious mind is more harmful than beneficial.

It’s not our fault; it’s just the way we have ‘sucked’ in and accepted most things that had been said around us and about us, primarily when we were much younger.

What it accepted became our behaviours, actions, and habits; that includes those that we are happy with and those that we wish we didn’t have.

More than likely, you have many habits and behaviours that you are not proud of.

You may even have some addictions that you would much rather be free of.

Having said that though, there is a good side to your subconscious mind; it’s reprogrammable.

In much the same way that you learn a new skill, you can re-programme your subconscious mind: you do so by repetition.

When you deliberately and consciously repeat the actions and behaviours that you want to adopt, your subconscious mind will accept the new programming, and this programming will override the previous, unwanted habits, addictions, actions and behaviours.

When you recondition your subconscious mind, rather than allowing your old habits to run your life, you will allow your new and beneficial habits to take over.

So how can you re-programme your subconscious mind?

Here are two powerful and simple ways you can recondition your subconscious mind to allow it to become your ally:

  1. Keep focusing on what you desire as opposed to what you don’t. When you catch yourself thinking negatively, for example, “I don’t want this lousy job,” immediately switch that thought to, “I choose to enjoy my present job until I land an even better one.”
  2. When you feel unhappy or simply negative, realize that you’re creating more of the same. Again, when you recognize that you’re in this unhelpful state, stop and ask yourself, “What do I want?” This will change your focus immediately to one of feeling happier and more positive.

When you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings, you will take control of your life.

As you do, you will find that you will enjoy life so much more, and you will achieve more of what you desire.