How Can I Have A Money Mindset In 5 Easy Steps?

Looking to achieve your money goals? The “trick” is to modify and fine-tune your money mindset. This is the approach that helped me to double my income in around a year.

Your money mindset is a vital factor when it comes to increasing and improving on your personal financial situation.

Your money goals may orbit around finally becoming debt-free or increasing your savings. However, unless you have the right mindset and the right money habits, achieving your goals will be very difficult to achieve.

In order for you to achieve your money goals, it takes a lot more than a “How to step-by-step” guide.

Your primary focus would be to modify and fine-tune your money mindset.

The outright, most vital ingredient of being able to realise your financial goals is by having a positive money mindset – the “right” mindset.

You probably realise that it’s easier said than done. Especially if you’ve set money goals in the past and have not achieved them.

Keeping your mindset aligned with your financial goals is not necessarily that simple to accomplish, especially if you are after the often-challenging task of building wealth.

Achieving the right, positive money mindset to building your wealth involves you diligently working and fine-tuning the way you think on a day-to-day basis (not moment-by-moment, otherwise you’ll go nuts).

You will need to adjust that scarcity mindset of yours by getting uncomfortable (stepping out of your comfort zone), by challenging your set of beliefs around money and building wealth that have been holding you back.

In other words, you will need to be ready to do whatever it takes if you really want to achieve your end financial goal. You will need to develop the “I will do it no matter what” attitude.

And the thing to remember is that improving your mindset is a continual process – much like the muscles in your body. You need to continually keep on your muscles or else they will atrophy; they will weaken and shrivel.

To help you on your journey to improve your mindset, below are 5 key ways to improve your money mindset as you work on building real and sustainable wealth.

Money Mindset Key # 1: Make that decision that you intend to be financially successful

Becoming wealthy starts with a simple decision. It begins with a very deep, thoughtful and reflective decision.

It’s you deciding and committing to becoming wealthy no matter what, and that you will fully place your trust in the process; in the journey – in the insights.

This decision alone will dramatically boost your mindset.

Once you make that decision, and once you commit 100% to continue until you achieve that goal, you’re telling yourself you can and will do it.

It’s imperative that you fully believe that you can be wealthy. If you don’t, chances are you probably won’t do all that it takes to actually build wealth.

My first decision was to eliminate the scarcity mindset that plagued me almost all my life. I tackled and eliminated many of my disempowering beliefs around money.

Money Mindset Key # 2: Define and refine your motives

Now that you have decided you’re going to be wealthy, you’re going to have to define your reasons for wanting this financial success.

This means you have to determine your “why”.

And go deeper and deeper still, defining and refining your why. The deeper you go, the better. In the end, your deepest why will be the motivator which will carry you on the full journey to completion, to attainment.

Is your deepest why to pay off all your debts, for you to save money?

Or is it for you to become financially independent and successful?

Defining and refining your “why” will be your definitive motivator, specifically during the times where things and circumstances get in the way. Ask yourself the correct “power questions” instead of the “disempowering questions”.

Money Mindset Key # 3: Focus only your own standards and what money means to you

As far as building wealth and working on your money mindset is concerned, it is best that you focus on what works for you, and to not dwell on whatever standards are being dictated to you by others.

Furthermore, stay well clear of comparing yourself with others. Comparison is the thief of joy.

I used to compare myself with highly successful people. How come they’re successful and I’m not? It was a very negative way for me to think that way. Soon enough, I changed these kinds of questions to meaningful ones; to ones that created massive positive momentum.

Ultimately, this reverts back to your “why”.

Whatever your goals are, focus only on your own values, morals and standards, and what money really means to you in relation to what you desire to have in your life.

Money Mindset Key # 4: Feel the fear and get comfortable with your discomforts

When you decide to achieve something big, naturally anxiety, discomfort and fear set in. They are an ordinary by-product. It’s the fear of the unknown, the mysterious, the unfamiliar.

It could be fear of change, fear of failure, or even, yes, the fear of success. Often times, fear stops people dead in their tracks. They freeze to an abrupt halt. Then the dreaded “what ifs” surface.

Do you realise that most of the things we fear do not actually happen?

So you have 2 choices when it comes to fear and feeling discomfort. You allow fear and discomfort to keep you stuck where you’re at, or you could gracefully embrace fear and discomfort as a crucial part to success.

A super powerful way to overcome fear and any discomfort is to simply remember your “why”.

To add fuel to that, you could also reminisce on all the achievements you have attained so far, and how you have overcome the challenges that attempted to stand in your way.

For every fear and discomfort that you may have, know that there is possibly one small action that counters the fear.

Focus on taking small steps, every single day, and after a short while, you will notice that this momentum has allowed you to make significant progress.

Money Mindset Key # 5: Show explicit gratitude and enjoy your way to heightened success

This may or may not surprise you. Voicing gratitude is a sure way to modify what you focus on.

You see, when you are in a state of gratitude, you tend to focus your attention on the good things in your life.

A definite key to wealth building is explicitly showing and feeling gratitude.

Make it a point to be grateful for every single good thing in your life. In all areas. Even the small things that you take for granted.

Start with the hot water you have at home, the fridge, your Smartphone, your Internet connection. Then go deeper. Be grateful for your heart, your breathing, your eyesight.

Your connection with your spouse, God, and so on.

This alone will amaze you.

In conclusion

It is very possible for you to improve your money mindset. Make that all-important decision that you have made the mindset a must.

It has to be a must, a no matter what.

When you have the right money mindset, you can achieve all of your financial goals. You just need to have consistency in your daily actions.

Consistency is key to your success. Keep at it until you achieve your goal, then scale up to the next level.

Adjust and improve your money mindset. Celebrate. And thoroughly enjoy its rewards. It’s worth it.