Do You Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Money?

Do you love to have money, but you hate money because you never seem to have enough?

By transforming your relationship with money, moving from hate to love, you will develop a positive money mindset, and start attracting more money into your life.

Are you living in fear of your money running out?

Do you see the lack of money as a source of unhappiness, anger, and stress?

Are these feelings ruining your relationship with money, which is why you aren’t attracting wealth into your life?

This one can be tricky, but fully grasping its ideas and infusing it into your daily mindset makes a world of difference in your life as a whole and in your business.

People who live in a scarcity mindset are often living in fear: fear of money running out, fear of sharing company profits with someone else, or feeling jealous of other’s wealth (I was very “guilty” of this one. I envied my siblings a lot. They seemed to travel a lot, go out to restaurants every couple of days – but not me).

In the scarcity view, there is only so much money to go around, and yet they want as big of a piece as they can get.

And, truthfully, it is really easy to get pulled into this mindset, but I urge you to cling to scarcity’s more joyful, less-selfish counterpart… Abundance.

The abundance mindset is the true belief that there is always enough; always more than enough, actually.

There is more than enough money, recognition, joy, happiness and success to go around in this world.

Clinging tight to the abundance mindset allows you to worry less about money, genuinely appreciate what money brings you, and literally attract more money and build wealth.

Abundance means attracting wealth, but also sharing it!

It could be a percentage of sales to a charity, or a straight up donation. But you need to be free enough with your money, where you are comfortable with both the giving and the receiving of money.

It’s easy to feel shame admitting that you love money.

It’s easy to admit that you want to have lots of money.

But why! Don’t we all want lots of money?

Don’t we all function at a higher level when we have enough money to cover our basic needs and the next-level expenses that allow us to live our full potential?

It’s easy for us to shy away from boldly proclaiming that we want more money, but we shouldn’t.

Let’s summarise 10 steps you can take to own your money mindset and view money in a positive, healthy way (so you may always have a wonderful relationship with money):

  1. Start Small: Journal, write down your money goals (the little ones as well as the big ones).
  2. Read: Get your paws on some books about money mindset.
  3. Ditch Entitlement: Understand that you must earn AND attract your money.
  4. Transform Your Beliefs: Believe you will pay off your debt(s), save up for a down payment for a home, or to go on that long-awaited vacation.
  5. Research and Invest: Know where your money goes; it is worth it! Seek out experts’ opinion and really think about where you are putting your money.
  6. Appreciate: Think long term, but appreciate the money that you have right now.
  7. Know Your Worth: Believe that you are WORTHY of making, having AND saving money.
  8. Attract Abundance: “What you emit, you attract.”
  9. Truly Believe: Believe in yourself to attract abundance.
  10. Welcome: See money as a good thing, and welcome it into your life. Welcome in as you would a friend, a spouse, a relative.

Improve your relationship with money. In fact, treat money as you would a person you like, love, enjoy being with.

Give thanks, and set crystal-clear visions for how you want your money-story to manifest.

I hope every minute of this journey inspires you to open your mind, cast fear aside, and attract money, wealth, success, happiness and abundance into your life.