Are you ready to manifest money?

But first… What are your thoughts and feelings about manifesting money? Or put another way, what do you suppose your beliefs around manifesting money are? Most of us want to manifest money to live life the way we want, on our own terms.

But there’s a problem.

The problem is, far too many of us are held back by limiting and sabotaging beliefs such as: “money doesn’t grow on trees” or perhaps your parents instilled the belief that “you have to work hard for money” or you instilled your own beliefs, such as: “I’m not meant to make a lot of money.”

When you have these sorts of beliefs, you will believe that manifesting money is an impossible task.

Having money, attracting wealth, is simply impossible. All because you have these limiting beliefs.

Now, you may say, “I want to make a lot of money, and I can make a lot of money. It’s just that…”

And that’s just the point.

The “It’s just that…” are the beliefs that are holding you back.

And if you want proof of that look at the amount of money you have in your bank account.

Is it the amount of money that you want?

Has that amount been roughly the same for a long time?

If that’s the case, your thoughts and beliefs are holding you back from having more. It could be the beliefs I mentioned earlier, or it could be the belief, “I’m undeserving of money.”

For you to manifest money, so you may live your life the way you want, you will have to look at your thoughts and beliefs: the beliefs you instilled and had instilled as a child, as well as the beliefs you accepted as you were growing up, to your beliefs of just a moment ago.

Think about this for a few minutes: why do you suppose people who become instant millionaires by winning the lottery go broke within a couple of years?

They have managed to manifest a lot of money somehow, but since their beliefs are not in line with them having a lot of money, they will spend their money haphazardly and by making unwise decisions they will be flat broke within a year or two.

And they question why, what went wrong. What did go wrong is they were bound by the beliefs they hold.

Make note of this: beliefs always precede reality.

So the question now is: how would you manifest money into your life and what is an effective way to attract money?

For you to manifest money you will need to think differently.

Keep telling yourself that you are deserving of money and lots of it.

But you have to do it in a specific way.

Make up simple money affirmations, such as: “I allow myself to make an additional £100/$100 a month.” Notice the word ‘allow’. If you said, “I am making an additional £100/$100 a month”, your subconscious mind will say, “Yeah, right?”

The next step is to know what you want to spend your money on. The WHY you want to manifest the money is critical.

Is it for the new car, the home, the uniform for your children, for the yearly family vacation?

Once you know your WHY, incorporate 3–5 money affirmations and visualize yourself living your new lifestyle.

Close your eyes, and with great feeling see yourself through your own eyes living the lifestyle you want. Do that for 5–10 minutes daily. You are attracting wealth and money by combining the 3: the WHY, the money affirmations and the visualization.

One final note: believe that the money is on its way to you.

Be worthy and deserving of receiving it and expect it.

That does not mean, however, that you sit on your couch, twiddle your thumbs, and ask, “Where’s the money?” When you get inspired action, an idea, or an opportunity, get up and act on it.

Don’t expect the money to magically drop on your lap.

Now, let me give you one extremely powerful tip: I have used it to great effect.

Give. Be a giver.

Give some money to the needy. Give £1/$1 or 5 pennies or 5 cents. At this moment the amount doesn’t matter, although the more the better because you will get it back tenfold. When will you get it back? When the time is right. Rest assured, though, you will get that tenfold reward back.

This is a tip you should incorporate as part of your life.