4 Proven Ways to Instil a Positive Money Mindset

Are you finding establishing good money habits easier said than done?

Luckily, there are somewhat simple action steps you can take that will move you from having negative thoughts about money, from having negative beliefs about money (not having any or enough money), to a positive money mindset so you can attract more money into your life.

The 4 proven ways that you are about to discover allowed me to improve my feelings about money which is now letting me to bring in more money, and from places I would never think of.

When I lived with my parents they attempted to drill into my mind, “Save, save, save. You have to spend less than you earn. Save your money for a rainy day.” And more.

I was young and I wanted to enjoy life.

I didn’t care about saving money to buy myself a home, or to prepare for a family, or my retirement.

I just wanted to have fun.

Sound familiar?

Now that I’m older (and wiser), I regret not having listened to them.

For many years, I carried with me guilt and shame. I could be so much further in life had I listened to them. But my frivolous negative beliefs about money were in control of my life.

The more I thought about my financial situation the more guilt and shame I felt.

I let my family down.

They could’ve been living a much more enjoyable life had I saved money back then AND after I decided to have a family.

So, one day, after a humungous fight with my wife in front of my daughter, I made this massive decision that enough is enough.

The time has come for me to climb out of this poverty mindset and to subscribe to the “money DOES grow on trees” mindset.

The reason that I decided on that subscription was because my father used to love saying, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” I felt I needed to tackle that, and quick.

I needed to overwhelm that line of thinking with, “No! Money DOES grow on trees. I know it does!”

I made a few other decisions to escape the scarcity mindset so I may get on the gateway to financial freedom – well, financial security first, then financial freedom.

Here are the 4 ways I turned my financial life around:

1. I forgave myself for my financial misjudgements and mistakes

I heard and read so much about self-forgiveness that I finally gave it a try. It worked like extremely well, (much to my surprise, I admit).

By forgiving myself I was no longer a prisoner of my past. That way, I was able to create a lot of room for a healthier attitude towards myself and money.

I acknowledged and accepted my past decisions. Then I made sincerely and genuinely apologised to myself over and over, then I moved on to the next step.

2. I challenged my limiting beliefs about money

To do that, I needed to be aware of my attitudes toward money. What did I think of money?

If I was to be in a relationship with money, how would I treat her? What are my daily thoughts about her?

It didn’t take me long to realise that I hated money!

When I became aware of that, I realised why I wasn’t attracting money. It was because I hated it. So, she wouldn’t come to me, and if she did, she didn’t hang around too long.

Why would she (money) be in a relationship with someone who hated her?

So, with more focused effort on building a happy relationship with money, I went on to identify and overwhelm the money beliefs that I held.

And, let me tell you, by doing that alone, by changing my beliefs and feelings about money, I started to feel happier as a whole, and I started to develop a positive money mindset which I enjoyed even more.

3. I changed many of my money attitudes

As my relationship with money improved, so did my attitude towards it. I started seeing money from a totally different perspective.

I started to appreciate it. I started to be thankful for it for being in my life.

And you know what?

I literally set a time to talk to money. To listen to what money had to say.

Sounds silly? You try it and then make your own decision. Transforming your relationship with money could almost create instantaneous miracles.

I was not talking about money; I was talking with money.

Like money was a “person” in my life.

Phew! What a life-changer that experience was.

4. I developed my own version of a morning gratitude meditation

I understood the benefits and values of being grateful. As I went about my day, I expressed gratitude for the many things in my life, then one day, it hit me.

Why not express words of gratitude for the things I have mixed with words of gratitude for the things that I desire to have in my life.

I would be grateful for my amazing and wonderful relationship with money. I would be grateful for my eyesight, my hearing, my beating heart.

Then I would express gratitude for the additional £1,000 that I just received out of nowhere. And I would go back to being grateful for my legs that allow me to walk, the hot water I have at home, the desktop computer, and so on.

Now, I did not receive that additional £1,000, but by mixing it in with the things I already have that I am grateful for, the feelings of gratitude, the high happiness feelings that I was vibrating, spread into the additional money that I desired.

You see how powerful that twist is?

Don’t knock it. Try it. Believe me. It works so well, you’ll be amazed.

Well, these were my 4 personal proven ways that I went through to instil a positive money mindset, that allowed me to attract an additional £1,000 within a short time.

What I did were simple strategies that anyone can do; easily and totally effortlessly.

And I’ll leave you with this: The simplest strategies can make all the difference.