Motivation Is The Force, The Power That Drives Your Life

How many times have you woken up and felt that you couldn’t be bothered to go to work, or you felt you hated your boss so much you just couldn’t face seeing him/her again?

Although there could be many reasons why you went through those sluggish emotions if work was important to you, or you liked your boss, more than likely you would spring out of bed and joyfully go to work.

There may be many factors that stand in the way of you enjoying work or liking your boss, however, all these factors may be summarised in one word: motivation. What do I mean by that?

You may not be motivated to go to work because your boss is rude and arrogant, or the pay is so small that you feel your position is not worth your time and effort.

There is a missing ingredient and that is motivation.

Or to look at it in another way, there’s no interest or incentive in your job; there’s no inspiration or enthusiasm to perform your daily tasks.

You feel that your rude boss has taken away any drive that you had when you first started, or that your position wasn’t what you thought it may be.

Motivation is the force, the power that drives your life. It is what gets you to do most things: from getting up in the morning, to grocery shopping, to watching a certain programme on TV, to starting up your own kitchen table business, to enjoying your job.

Motivation, whether in small or large doses, keeps you on your toes to get things done, to have and do more, and also achieve new things in life.

When you are motivated you see things and the rest of the world from a different and better perspective; you see opportunities and openings around you that you would otherwise miss, and you will feel a much happier person, one who is enjoying life.

Those who lack motivation pretty well lack the will to ‘live’ life. They would much rather hide and not face it, or live day by day feeling deserted and alone, as they blindly watch life pass them by. 

How can you get motivated, and even better, how can you remain motivated?

How can you get motivated to go to work when you hate your boss or your job?

If leaving is not an option for whatever reason, make a conscious effort to look for something that is good about your boss or job. You might as well enjoy yourself or you’ll run yourself down.

Keep an open mind and seek out the things that may motivate you. It could be the man or woman that you haven’t noticed before, maybe there’s a good side to your boss that her arrogance is overshadowing.

Look for the missing motivator that you’ve been overlooking, that you’ve been seeing right through.

For you to happy in your job, irrespective of the hindrances and complications, befriend motivation.

Make motivation your stimulus to keep you going.

Seek out the good in your current situation and use it to drive you to enjoy life.

Make motivation your best friend and you shall reap immense rewards.