Have That Winning Feeling Every Day

I’d like to share with you a method that I have come to call ‘consideration-check time’. It has grown to be a vital part of my life. Perhaps it can be part of yours.

It is so powerful and effective that I find myself really looking forward to the end of the evening.

I still perform this routine without fail and have been doing so for quite a number of years. I am sure you, too, will enjoy it and reap its rewards.

So what is it that I do?

What ceremonial procedure do I routinely practice every single evening that has tremendous results on how I think, feel, and act?

The fantastic, easy-to-do, enriching routine that I habitually perform every evening is outlined below:

Thirty minutes before I go to bed, I take out my pen and notebook, then I sit back and close my eyes. I spend the next few minutes considering all my actions of the day.

I purposefully think back from the moment I opened my eyes to the present moment. I quietly contemplate my entire day, in full detail, where I recapture all my achievements, no matter how small and no matter in what area.

I keep those successes bubbling in my mind, bringing them more to life, and reliving the experience. I stimulate one winning feeling after the next.

At the peak of each winning feeling, I open my eyes and write down how fantastic I feel, how strong and powerful I am, and how I believe I can achieve all that I want and desire.

When I finish, I anchor the moment by clenching my right fist and declaring: “Yes. That’s me!”

This awareness of exaggerated stimulus propels and spurs me to accomplish more. It feeds and prompts me with encouragement, motivation, and determination.

This way, I retire to bed feeling significantly powerful, wiser, and more aware, in touch with my inner strengths and talents.

The next day, I feel revamped and energised. Strong and capable. Ready to accomplish more, feeling like an unstoppable winner. A winner all set and geared for more success.

Are you willing to develop and maintain a winning feeling by writing down your daily successes, small or large, and replaying them in your mind?