Feel Like Giving Up On Your Dream Life?

How to create your dream life

You can live your dream life, whether it’s a small dream or a big dream – it doesn’t matter. You can live it! The only thing that is standing in your way is knowing how to create your dream life.

Let me ask you: Do you feel like you’re watching your life slip away? Where every day you wake up feeling down and can’t be bothered to do anything? Feeling unmotivated? Well, it’s high time you stopped feeling defeated, beaten and crushed. The time has come for you to make a complete overhaul of your life.

And you can start by deciding to take action.

Realise this: How to create your dream life has never been simpler. Not necessarily easier, but it is simpler when you have the knowledge and you take action on that knowledge.

It’s crucial that you understand that your dreams and goals are within reach. And millions of people around the world are living proof of that.

You too can live your dream life. It all starts with making a commitment, creating a plan, and taking consistent action. So don’t let your dreams slip away any longer.

Decide to improve your life and make it a MUST. The key to success is taking action every day. That’s how to create your dream life.

How to get your dream life

Let’s make it simple. Picture for a moment what it would be like if you had achieved all of your dreams and aspirations in life. Imagine how you’d feel if you were living your dream life, having achieved all of your goals and ambitions.

Just picture and feel how happy you will be. See and feel the outcome.

Ok. Here’s the good news. The good news is that the dream or goal you just imagined and felt is within your reach. You see, many people around the world are living the life of their dreams. In fact, there are millions.

Although I am not living the life of my dreams (yet), I have achieved quite a few dreams and goals of my own and I am working on some more. I make it my daily habit to imagine and feel my dreams coming true. I imagine my dream every morning and especially at bedtime. It makes me feel awesome.

That’s the process I do to get to my dream life.

Everyone can live their dream life

Anyone and everyone have the potential to live the life of their dreams. It is possible, and it has been proven time and time again. Just remember that your dreams do not have to be humungous, like those achieved by Bill Gates, Oprah, and others.

They can be marrying the person of your dreams, having the dream job, going on a dream vacation, living a healthier life, or starting a small home business.

One of my dreams was to write a book. I accomplished that dream. I co-authored the book Self-Confidence Building in 7 Steps, and I have created numerous personal growth audio tools and more. They are not massive dreams. They were dreams that I wanted, which meant a lot to me. I went after them until completion.

And not just me. Every day new people achieve or live their dreams. So why not you?

What is your dream life?

Let’s get into some action here. Let’s get you thinking. I’d like you to get a journal and jot down some ideas of what your dream life is. Write down what comes up. Do not think about or judge the ideas. Just write them all down.

Dream life examples:

To have a circle of wonderful, fun and loving friends.

Travel to far and exotic places.

To write that novel and dedicate it to my mom.

To have a healthy and fit body so I can enjoy playing with my grandchildren.

I believe you get the idea. Such a simple process on how to create your dream life. Wouldn’t you agree?

What is your big dream for your life?

Let’s take it a step deeper. Now that you have a good idea of what you want your dream life to look like, what is your BIG dream? What is that one thing that totally gets your juices flowing? That once accomplished you feel so exhilarated and euphoric. On top of the world. You have lived your life, as it were.

It’s important to realise that you spend as much time as needed to think about that. No deadline. Once done, write it down in detail.

The daily commitment

Now is the time for you to make a commitment; a daily commitment. For you to live your big dream, you have to make that final decision that you have to live your big dream life. In fact, you have to make that decision a MUST. It must be a must or it won’t happen.

Once you’ve done that, go ahead to the next step and do some brainstorming. Make a plan on HOW you are to achieve that big dream. If no ideas come to you, keep asking yourself “How can I make my big dream of __ come true?” The answer will surely come.

By the way, at this point, the plan does not have to be so detailed. It can be small steps that can be built on as the days, weeks or months go by.

Once you have made that plan, implement it. Take action. A plan is just a plan, something quite insignificant until it is followed by ACTION.

The key to turning any dream, your dream into reality, is by taking action, preferably every day. This way you can join the people who are living their dreams.

Take action. Get things done, daily. Be productive and you will live your dream life. You will only live your dream life by taking consistent action.


In conclusion, Creating your dream life is not just a far-fetched fantasy that you can only dream about. It is an achievable reality, and you certainly can make it happen.

The key is to have the determination to make it a must, to have a plan on how to achieve it, and to take action every single day.

Your dreams may not be as big as those of famous people, but they are still important to you. So why settle for less when you can have it all?

Take that first step towards your dream life today, and don’t stop until you make it a reality. Your future self will thank you for it, and you will feel the joy and satisfaction of living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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