Beliefs Always Precede Reality

You see what you believe!

Most of us want more material things in our lives: spanning from flashy cars, to bigger homes, from long exotic vacations, to a successful business, and more.

What material items are you after?

Think about them for a few minutes, perhaps even jot them down. When done, go over that list and see how you view your items.

Are they wishes, fantasies, whims or actual goals that you absolutely must achieve no matter what?

I am sure you noticed differences among the items on your list. You might have wished for a flashy red Ferrari, but realized, when it comes down to it that you don’t really want one.

Or perhaps the luxury penthouse overlooking the beach is just a fantasy, one that you would like to have, but is not really that important to go after.

However, the bigger, five-bedroom home with a large garden and two garages felt like a must for you — something you would like to achieve and would feel unfulfilled without it?

Now the big question is how will you turn your desire into an achievable goal?

It all starts with belief.

Do you believe you can achieve this goal?

Do you wholeheartedly believe that you can have what you desire?

What do you have to believe to make it happen?

In fact, what does it actually mean to believe?

And how would you know that you believed something and weren’t just saying you did?

If your answer to the question do you believe you can achieve this goal is, “I don’t believe so, but I want to give it my best shot,” I am afraid to say that you won’t be living in that home any time soon.


Because you don’t believe you will achieve it, and since you don’t believe you will, more than likely you won’t.

You see, the words ‘I don’t believe’ are such prevailing, dis-empowering and commanding words. For you to achieve your goal in life, you have to believe it is achievable one hundred percent.

How would you identify if it is achievable or not? Start off with the little voice in your head, the one that says, “You’re kidding, right? A five-bedroom home? Impossible.”

Notice what that voice is saying, but don’t believe what it’s saying.

Ask yourself why the voice in your head is saying, No.

Is it because you’re not financially ready yet, is it because you feel undeserving of it, or is it because you have deep-rooted beliefs that are preventing you from having that home?

How would you go about identifying the beliefs that are standing in your way, and what can you do to change them?

Grab yourself a pen and pad and write down your goal. And when you do that, pay particular attention to the first thing that comes to mind, and write that down.

That thought is your limiting belief, the barrier that is standing in your way.

It is saying things like: “Yeah right. You’ll never have the money to buy it.” “That lifestyle is for the rich and you hate rich people.”

When thoughts like that come up simply release them. Let them go. One after the other. As soon as you think it, or experience that thought, feel it for a moment or two.

Then, you say to yourself, “Could I let this feeling go?” You say yes or no. Even if you cannot let the feeling go, the process still works.

Your next question is, “Would I let this feeling go?” Again your answer is yes or no. Then ask, “When?” and answer, “Now.”

You should immediately feel better, relieved.

You may need to repeat the process until you are completely empty of the feeling behind the belief you just had.

You then write down your goal again, notice the limiting thought that comes up and release the feeling.

Not that long ago, I had a belief that I wanted to change.

My belief was the next time I go to the ATM machine to withdraw money I would get the ‘insufficient funds’ message.

I released that fear one morning and forgot all about it.

A few days later I went to the ATM machine, withdrew some money, and on my way to my car I suddenly realized that I did not have that fear of ‘insufficient funds’ and I withdrew the amount of money that I wanted.

I actually changed the fear or belief I had within ten minutes one morning.

Always keep this in mind: Beliefs always precede reality.

I came up with this quote after my ATM experience. It is framed on the wall right above my laptop.

This way I see it every time I look up, as I use it to remind me to keep an eye out on my moment-by-moment thoughts.

And, as often as possible, usually every ninety minutes or so, I sit back and go through the process and change a belief, one process at a time.

For you to get ahead in life, you have to become aware of your beliefs and the feelings behind those beliefs, and then let them go; to release the barriers that are stopping you from getting what you want in life.