Are You Ready To Make Positive Changes In Your Life?

Are you ready to make positive changes in your life? Have you decided to stop being a couch-potato and move positively ahead?

If you have, that’s great. The question now is: Have you done anything about it?

Many people decide to make changes in their lives, yet they don’t realise that nothing will change until they take action.

Sure it’s easy to sit back and dream about the new lifestyle, but where most people get stuck is in the taking action part. Look at it this way, when you want to build a house, where do you start?

You find an appropriate piece of land, you buy it, you locate and hire an architect, design the house, go over the plan, and so on. You cannot conceive the idea of building a house and have it miraculously appear.

It’s the same when you want to design and build your new lifestyle. Much like the house, you need to design exactly what your lifestyle will look like, you have to go over the plan by setting goals, and you have to take action to ensure it is built to completion.

Unfortunately, most people want to change their lives yet do nothing about it. They become expert complainers and they wonder why they remain stuck.

When you are ready to take action, you may face some mental blocks, such as: you feel you don’t deserve that lifestyle, you’re not worthy of that dream car or home. That’s fine. You’ve identified some of your blocks to taking action, now you work on reducing or eliminating these blocks.

How do you do that? You call your architect, your subconscious mind, and come up with a plan. This will take some deep deliberation, which you may spread over a few days.

When you think about making the positive changes, what are your thoughts and feelings about that? Do you feel a sense of unworthiness?

To help you out, try this: write down these sentences and finish them off: “I feel unworthy because…,” or “I am scared because…,” or “I’m alright where I am, I feel safer that way because….”

Come up with any thoughts or feelings that surface. No editing. Allow all your thoughts and feelings to flow freely, and write them all down.

Once you have a full list of blocks, work down your list. Choose one block every day and take a specific action, one that is the opposite of your block, until you feel that the thought or feeling has been reduced or no longer holds you back.

If a certain block does not clear in one day, keep at it until it has no power over you. When done, move on to the next block.

Stepping up to upgrade your lifestyle does require effort, and the more committed you are the more you will enjoy that new life. Every day choose the actions that will bring about what you want to create.

The great news is that once you begin the process, it will get easier for you to choose the appropriate action that will work against your block.

Take your time; identify the block and take counter action and be free of it for good.