Always Start Your Day With An Intention

I have recently made it a habit that after I visualise the goals that I am pursuing I go through all the things I am grateful for in my life; from my computer, to my health, my car, my home, my wife, and kids, the food, and so on. Everything. I spend about ten minutes or so being grateful.

Once I’m done with those two rituals I move on to the third routine that is equally important, and that is I set the day’s intention. I close my eyes, relax and in my mind’s eye I see my day unfolding, I see myself doing the things that make my day productive, and I work towards achieving my day’s objectives and goals.

This method goes way beyond a ‘to-do list’, because I use the power of visualisation to see how I intend my day to unfold. I see myself taking action, taking the necessary steps that will lead to the completion of my objectives.

When I finish going through my intentions, I find I easily go about my day, achieving all of my intentions one by one.

A friend complained that his business was not making him enough money to hire someone so he could enjoy having more free time. When I probed him a little, he told me that he wanted to expand his business, but he didn’t make enough money to hire staff.

I asked him to move from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking by saying this intention: “I intend to attract unlimited abundance into my life right now.” He was to repeat this intention for five minutes first thing in the morning and as many times as possible throughout the day, every day for at least forty days.

After a while, my friend noticed he had a more relaxed approach to his business and he felt less stressed. And within a few short months, he hired a sales assistant and a manager to run the day-to-day operations.

And what happened to him?

He went on to enjoy worry-free days off, a simple luxury he didn’t have before. Although he always carried his mobile phone with him, in case of an emergency, he found he was able to relax more and was able to spend much more quality time with his family.

And all this came to be because he made it a daily habit to set his intention that he wanted unlimited abundance in his life.

Are you willing to set daily intentions and reap their rewards?