About Hani Al-Qasem

Hani A Al-Qasem is a personal development educator who specialises in the life and success mindset.

Having devoted over 17 years to the study of human potential and personal development, he has written numerous articles on personal growth, business success and wealth mindset, and has created many self-growth hypnosis/meditation recordings.

He is committed to inspire, support and motivate people to create a better and more optimistic world for us all to live in.

Hani A Al-Qasem believes that together, as human beings with a conscience, we can share our expertise, our strengths, our passion, our gift to create awareness that there is another way to make things happen. Instead of ‘changing the TV channel’ because we can’t bear to watch the harshness of life around us, we can take combined action to transform lives.

We cannot change the circumstances that brought people to where they are, but we can change their thinking, from within, to improve the quality of their present and future lives.

Al-Qasem’s slogan: All meaningful change in life begins from within.

Hani Al-Qasem